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Weight loss gym routine female [2022] 💥

weight loss gym routine female

This women's workout program will get you beach-ready. It includes weight loss, muscle toning, and the fastest way for developing lean curves. This guide is for women and will help you feel confident, sexy and strong. This guide will help you to shape a feminine figure, a more balanced silhouette, and a better outlook on life. It seems that scientists have figured out how to burn fat without exercise or diet, but this weight loss gym routine for females still uses the old method, hard work and dedication.


Muscle Toning

You don't want to lose weight and lose all your muscle at the same time, that still does not look good. So what we really want is toning. Toning does just mean getting a lower body fat percentage. If your body does not have access to sugars in the blood it will start to use your fat as energy and will be burning your fat deposits that way.

It is therefore quite important to at least try not to use a lot of sugary products and no bread as that is practically sugar too. Apart form this little diet tip to get more succes we will be burning calories and try to build muscle, as muscles are requiering energy 24 hours a day so just by having more muscle you will burn more fat.

Female weight loss routine

weight loss gym routine downloads

Download this weight loss gym routine as an Excel or as a PNG (image).

To have excelent result we will do 2 days building muscle and 2 days doing cardio/fitness. If you are a person that is not afraid to get tired and withstands fatigue and muscle soreness like me, then 3 days of muscle building and 3 days of cardio exercises is the way to go for you. Do not be afraid of the words "muscle building" as building muscle does give strength and fitness in the first place and people only start looking like body builders when they have a huge protein intake and or use steroids.

Female weight loss program

Below I will give examples of exercises and workouts that can be done on the 4 training days I mentioned above. It is not bad to switch things up for the cardio/fitness days, so if you'd like to know more workouts and exercises then follow these links.

2 days cardio/fitness

For the 2 cardio/fitness days you should pick two workouts out of the following options: Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Aerobics, Zumba (Dancing) or any sports like Tennis, Soccer et cetera will do. So for example 1 day you go Jogging, and another day you decide to Jump Rope. Everything should be done for at least half an hour, except for Walking and Yoga. Those should be done for at least an hour. If you want to put more effort into it then go ahead and extend the time.

2 days muscle building

For the 2 muscle building days in your weight loss gym routine we cannot be so flexible. The whole body needs to be trained so we will do a few exercises for each muscle group: Legs, Back (Pull), Shoulder, Chest (Push). As the legs are more important for females 1 day will be spent working out your legs, and 1 day for the 3 other muscle groups.

Leg exercises
  • Squat
  • Lunges
  • Dead lift
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls
  • seated Calf raises
Pull exercises
  • Pull ups or Chin ups
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated rows
  • Bicep curls
  • Under Arm curls
Push exercises
  • Bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Flies
  • Push ups
Shoulder exercises
  • Militairy press
  • Upright rowing
  • lateral side raises
Here are the results you can expect of this female weight loss gym routine in just 5-6 weeks.
  • A slimmer, leaner body with lower body fat
  • Toned curves and not bulky, female muscle mass
  • More fitness and better conditoning
  • Increased confidence in yourself


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