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Punching Bag Workout for Weight Loss [2022] 💥

Punching Bag Workout for Weight Loss

Although it may seem easy to punch a bag, it is a very exhausting exercise. You can burn as many as 500 calories an hour depending on your weight and age. This is more then a lot of other well known workouts. Punching bags can be used for more than just weight loss. It is also a compound exercise that strengthens multiple muscles and reduces stress and tension.


There are trainers who recommend an exaggerated warm up of half an hour before getting started with the punching bag, but I definitely advise against that. You are already tired before you start. A decent warm up is to jog 1 kilometer and then start doing some combinations on the bag without much power or on time. If you are not a jogger do something else instead like cycling on a hometrainer for 5 minutes. By the way the best time of the day to work out is the morning.

Workout 1

We will begin our punching bag workout for weight loss by doing a boxing-inspired jab and cross followed by a squat. It is important to position your body correctly. Your feet should be at shoulder distance from one another, with your legs bent and your arms extended close to your body. Your feet should be pointing at the punching bag from 45 degrees. Two punches are required to be thrown into the punching bag. First, you should jab with your left arm and then cross with your right. For the final push, do a squat. Redo the entire exercise for 60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Workout 2

Crossing with your dominant side is the next step. If your dominant hand is on your right, place your left foot forward and your body weight on your back foot. Your left arm will protect your face, so position your body with your right hand sideways. Think of your punching bag as a boxer before you go for it. To deliver a punch, you will need to focus all of your power and strength on the dominant arm. Reverse your position and continue the workout for 60 seconds, taking a 30 second break.

Workout 3

Next, cross punches with the non-dominant hand are required. This is the reverse of the previous step, so switch sides. You should not favor one side. This will make it easier to improve your weaker side at the punching bag. The workout will be continued for 60 seconds, with a 30 second break.

Workout 4

The fourth punching bag workout for weight loss is a combination side kick-punch. Start by standing a length from the punching bags and orienting your body so that your right side faces it. Your left hand should be in front of you. Keep your right hand slightly below your chin. To deliver the punch with your heel, turn your hip and pivot your right foot above your hip. Return your foot and knee to the starting position and then return to it. You can now deliver 30 punches using your right arm after 10 consecutive kicks. You can then shift your body so that your left side is facing the MMA punching box. Repeat the process with your left foot for 90 seconds, and then take a 30-second rest.

Workout 5

The fifth exercise will include a front kick and punch combination. You will need to move one leg space from the punching bag. Position your body in the same way you did in the previous drill. Next, lift your right knee into a front kick, with your heel being first contact before your whole foot. Next, bring your right foot into a boxing position and give four punches. Continue the drill for 60 seconds, taking a 30 second break.


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