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How much weight can I lose in 3 months? [2022] 💥

How much weight can I lose in 3 months

You can lose as much as 5-8% of your bodyweight per month, in a more healthy manner. That's about 2-4 lbs per week. You can calculate the weight loss over three months by visualizing what it would look like if they lost 8% of total body weight within a month. For an average person with a healthy body mass index weighing 190 lbs, this is about 15.2 lbs x three months. That's a loss of about 45 lbs in those 3 months of weight loss (20 kg). However you can imagine this is a very hard job that almost noone can achieve but professional athletes.


1. Your nutrition to lose weight in 3 months

You should understand the principles of nutrition if you are looking to lose weight or gain weight. Calorie Balance is the first and most important principle in gaining or losing weight. Negative calorie balance is a principle that should be followed when trying to lose weight. A person who consumes more calories than they burn. Negative calorie balance means that the Calorie intake is lower than the amount of energy you use per day. If you don't eat healthy foods, it is dificult to work out hard. Clean fuel is essential for your body to work out. It is as easy as calorie in, calorie out to lose weight.

2. How much should one eat during weight lose?

You should eat 10-30% less than your TDEE to lose fat. Follow the link to check your TDEE. Let's suppose your TDEE contains 2200 calories. You should consume 10-30% less calories than 2200 calories. The goal should be between 1500 and 1900 calories. You can lose weight fast if you're willing to eat less than 30%. If you feel hungry or have a difficult time controlling your cravings, then you can stop following the 30% calorie deficit for a few weeks. Based on your results, you will need to adjust your caloric intake. How much wait you can lose in 3 months therefore depends very much on the person and how much you want it.

You should split your weight loss program into three phases if you are looking to lose weight in less than 3 months. Each phase should last 4 weeks. This keeps things interesting and helps you get better results. Remember that a diet below 30% is considered starvation. This could lead to your metabolism being completely shut down and potentially dangerous. You should increase the intensity and volume of your exercise if there is no significant fat loss. This is the best way of creating a bigger deficit. Always keep in mind though that if you are working with a high calorie deficit, you should have a high protein intake. Otherwise you will start losing a lot of muscle as well. A person that weighs 140 lbs should have a protein intake of about 180-210 grams a day. Also you should work out your muscles to prevent muscle loss.


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