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Female 5 Stages of Weight Loss [2022] 💥

Female Stages of Weight Loss

These 5 stages of weight loss for females will help you to get started on your next weight loss plan. It is easier to complete your mission when you understand the stages of weight loss and make the necessary adjustments to reach your ultimate goal, permanent weight loss.


Difference between fat loss and weight loss

It's important that we understand the differences between weight loss and fat loss before we move on to the first stage of weight loss. They are not the same thing! Weight loss is the overall term that refers to the number of the scale falling. It is important to remember that weight loss does not always refer to fat loss. Fat loss is the ultimate goal for most people when they lose weight. However, if you start reducing your calories, you will lose weight and not fat.

Knowing the difference is crucial so that you can recognize when your weight drops or your daily fluctuations are normal. Weight loss is characterized by changes in your body's water retention, the amount you ate, and the waste (poop), you have yet to eliminate. While weight loss is normal when dieting, your ultimate goal should always be to gain muscle or lose fat. You should encourage fat loss rather than just weight loss by eating more protein, creating a calorie deficit and increasing your physical activity. A scale that measures body fat can help you ensure you are losing weight.

The actual 5 female stages of weight loss

There will be many stages and stages during your weight loss effort. There is a general pattern to weight loss, but you may find yourself going through different stages or skipping some. Here are the stages you can expect to experience as you embark on your weight loss plan.

1. The 100% Positive Stage

The first stage of your weight loss plan revolves around optimism. That's why we call it the "100% Positive" stage. Your weight loss plan will be bright, shiny and new. It's achievable and not too restrictive. You are motivated and eager to start. You're starting to cook at home, making healthy meals and going to the gym regularly during the "100% Positive" stage. You're 100% committed. It's possible that you are even starting to see some weight loss. This is a good place to begin your weight loss adventure. That doesn't last forever though. Reality and life will get in the way.

You'll notice that the weight seems to be falling off during this initial stage of weight loss. You'll lose weight quickly in the first four to six week of your weight loss adventure. It's important that you remember that most of the weight loss during the first stage is due to water. Your body will begin to use excess glycogen stored in your liver and muscles as you decrease your calorie intake.

This stage results in a lower number on the scale but you are not actually losing much fat. After your body has exhausted its glycogen stores, you can start to lose fat. This is called ketosis. The composition of your diet, how many calories you eat, your age and your level of physical activity all affect your weight loss. This should not discourage you. You can use these numbers to motivate you as you move on to the next stage of your weight loss adventure.

2. Weight Loss slowing down

Anyone who has ever tried a new diet knows how difficult it can be. It's easy to plan your meals and avoid the snack and fast food machines, but then life happens. Your meal plan becomes wildly out of control when your child has an emergency or you wake up late. You are hungry and tired and you find yourself on the streets. You decide to drive-thru for a quick meal. One small mistake can ruin your whole mental plan for your new diet. If you do get off track, it can take several days or even weeks to get back on the right path. Your weight loss goals can be slowed by mental blockage or real-life. Slower weight loss is normal and natural in weight loss.

This stage of slower weight loss may cause you to lose weight more slowly. You may also notice that your diet is not changing and you are losing weight. This is normal. It can also be very frustrating. This stage can be emotionally and mentally taxing. You feel less motivated and things seem a lot more difficult. Overly restrictive diets that are difficult to follow and metabolic adaptations (where your body adjusts to lower calories) can lead to weight loss plateaus.

It is important to choose a diet that suits your lifestyle. This stage is crucial, even though the weight loss will be slower. This slow weight loss stage is actually about losing fat, which is the ultimate goal. You should be aware of your hunger. You may feel hungry more often during this stage. To feel fuller for longer, eat high-protein snacks or meals.

3. Keep on going, you are almost there

Third stage of female weight loss... After you have been restricting calories for months, the third stage of weight loss is reached. You have already been through an emotional rollercoaster, with many setbacks. This stage is all about balance and not becoming discouraged. This stage may be the best for you if you are more consistent in choosing healthy meals and exercising. You are sticking to your meals and controlling your portion sizes.

You have established a foundation for healthy habits. You've realized that weight loss is a process that takes time and effort. Although it is hard to build healthy habits, this stage is about sustainability and motivation. It can be boring to go through a routine. So it is important to find ways that you are still interested in the process. The weight loss journey is not short-term. You can avoid getting discouraged or giving up by finding small, healthy rewards along your journey.

4. The start of a new life

The fourth stage of weight loss is when your old habits become so ingrained that they are no longer relevant to you. Your weekly meal planning sessions are something you look forward to, and you enjoy eating healthy, protein-rich meals. You also have a preference for vegetable-rich meals that you can eat out with your friends. You are not only losing weight, but you have made a lasting change in your eating habits and lifestyle.

This is a wonderful stage. You feel natural and can sustain your diet. You know what your cravings are and how you can satisfy them without overindulging. This stage can be very satisfying, but it will not last forever. It is possible to swing back and forth between stages. That's normal! You want to develop habits that will lead to permanent, true fat loss.

5. Keeping your new weight and fat percentage

Maintaining your weight loss is the final stage. Many diets encourage you to fast lose weight by limiting your food intake. These diets have the downside of making you more likely to gain weight back. It's just as important as losing weight to maintain your weight loss. Weight loss maintenance doesn't just involve eating differently. It also involves changing your lifestyle. Thanks for reading this article about the female stages of weight loss.

Final tips to have succes

  • To walk around with a low fat percentage for the rest of your life, it is necessary that you are fond of sports. If you hate doing exercises, you will quickly fall back into what you were doing before.
  • A friend of mine managed to change his whole lifestyle and start kickboxing and eating healthy practically every day. He had his abdomen treated cheaply with liposuction when we were on holiday in Peru and then started training and didn't stop. He went from 110kg to 80kg.
  • I personally can't stand it but many people use fat burners. If you can handle it, it speeds up the process of burning fat considerably. There are many natural remedies, but the strongest is called clenbuterol (not natural and hard to come by).
  • What I can tolerate and what works very well and is a good back support during weight loss is T3 and T4 or a combination of them. This is also not freely available. T4 and T3 are important hormones produced by the thyroid gland. The good thing about this product is that you hardly notice it when you use it, unlike the aforementioned fat burners that make you very nervous.
  • Steroids like Winstrol can speed up the process of burning fat en increase muscle volume really fast. These are also not freely available but work very well. I do warn you that it can mess up your hormones so if you do decide to take any of these, try to do it under doctor's supervision and have your hormones tested a few months after using them to make sure everything is okay. is okay again.

Disclaimer: Resorting to any op my "tips" is completely on your own risk, always discuss these methods with your doctor before starting any treatment. The first tip is the best and safest.


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